Women in Sales Engineering – Interview with Amanda Ridley

Intersecting Industry’s Nancy Bell interviews Amanda Ridley, Sales Engineer at Columbus Hydraulics.     At our custom hydraulic cylinder company, every product is engineered to the customer’s...

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Columbus Hydraulics Warehouse

Hydraulic Cylinders on Demand: Shortening Supply Chain Lead Time

Global shifts have exposed supply chain risk in many industries. How can you make sure you have the hydraulic cylinders you need when you need them? 2020 caught people by surprise when supply chain outages...

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7 Questions to Ask Before Specifying a Hydraulic Cylinder

How do you currently specify your hydraulic cylinders? Do you base your choice off of the specific needs of your application, or do you pick an “off the shelf” model and try to make it work? If you’re...

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Why you need to ensure your equipment comes from ISO certified vendors

Choosing the right vendor for your hydraulic cylinders will help ensure the reliability and consistency of your systems. A good vendor will offer: Better cylinder performance Enhanced product longevity...

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Preventing Hydraulic Cylinder Leakage: In production, manufacturing and in the field

Hydraulic cylinders are typically reliable parts that last several years in heavy machinery—but design flaws or improper care can lead to hydraulic cylinder leakage and the need to repair or replace...

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What are the Types of Hydraulic Cylinders?

If you’re looking to power your mechanical systems, hydraulics are some of the best options available. Hydraulic cylinders are widely used across mobile and industrial applications for their impressive...

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Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders: How to Get Them Fast

When it comes to generating linear motion, custom hydraulic cylinders are the go-to choice for many industrial and mobile operations. Compared to other linear motion systems, hydraulics offer an impressive...

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