Hydraulic cylinder on a table in a warehouseWork with expert hydraulic cylinder design engineers to develop custom welded hydraulic cylinders that are ideally suited to your specific application. There are a wide range of options and considerations for your custom cylinder, including: 

  • Size. We can develop cylinders with 1- to 9-inch bore and stroke up to 12 feet 
  • Duty. We’ll help you determine whether you need light-, medium- or heavy-duty, up to 5,000 psi, hydraulic cylinders. 
  • StyleSelect the best style for your cylinder, whether that’s single- or double-action, displacement or piggyback style. 
  • Mounting. Choose from clevis, trunnion, single-tang, plate, or double-ended cylinder mounting styles. 
  • Shafting. There are multiple shafting materials available including chrome plated, nitrided, and induction-hardened chrome plated shafting. Hydraulic cylinders lined up on a table
  • Integration. Our engineers can help develop manifolds with valve integration for base, head or tube mounted. 
  • Options. We’ll help you select the best options for optimizing your cylinders including port block fluid lines and cushioning.
  • Smarts. Smart cylinders incorporate sensors for accurate feedback and optimizing electrohydraulic control. Our engineers will guide you through the smart solutions for your custom cylinders.
  • Seals. Columbus Hydraulics inventories thousands of different seals for a variety of applications and sizes ensuring that the seals used in your hydraulic cylinders will perform. 

Let’s get started on your custom cylinder design

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