Fast Cylinder Turnaround

When it comes to sourcing custom hydraulic cylinders, chances are the primary consideration is lead time. Yes, manufacturing quality and a robustly engineered design are critical, but after that, business imperatives drive the need for short lead times. Typically, for custom hydraulic cylinders, the turnaround time for the industry is 9-12 weeks. Often this isn’t fast enough. 

How long does it take for custom hydraulic cylinder design and delivery? Not long at all! Columbus Hydraulics offers quick turnaround on hydraulic cylinder orders with 4- to 8-week lead times, often delivering in 4 to 6 weeks including design time. Our manufacturing practices enable expedited service, even on relatively small quantity orders. Even better, tailor-made stocking programs are available.  

Shorter lead times give you the ability meet your customer demands and offer better delivery on your own products. Columbus Hydraulics is more flexible in handling rush orders than other cylinder manufacturers because our processes allow for quick changeovers. We have efficient material management programs, flexible scheduling, and have invested in the facilities and equipment to make this possible. 

We Can Ship to You from Stock

Stocking programs ensure that you’ll have the custom cylinders you need, exactly when you need them. We’ll keep a predetermined number of your finished cylinders on hand, ready for a future shipping date. Need them earlier? No problem! They can be available for immediate shipment. 

We Can Build to Your Electronic Forecast

Match the supply of the hydraulic cylinders to your changing customer demand.  Electronic forecasts tell us how many cylinders to build and when to ship, without the need for paperwork.  

Take advantage of our stocking programs to reduce inventory, preserve cash flow and achieve JIT objectives. 

We Can Expedite Small Quantity Orders

We are more willing than competitors to build and expedite custom cylinders for relatively small-quantity orders. In fact, 35% of our orders are fewer than 20 pieces per order.

Reliable Delivery

We’ve invested in facilities and processes in order to keep our promises and raise our on-time delivery to 97%. Our new facility features a smooth manufacturing flow and expanded space for stock. Special features in our scheduling software prevent over promising. Our processes require frequent communication between customer service and manufacturing teams, so everybody knows when a commitment is on the line.