Trust our engineers to design a cylinder that will perform reliably. Hear our customer stories.

Providing Custom Seals to Prevent Failure

When one customer was struggling with cylinders failing prematurely on their spraying equipment, we redesigned their cylinder with special seals to solve the problem. The seals did not require any new or different tools to install. Our engineering team prototyped the cylinder and tested it in the intense, high-speed application. It performed well with high speeds and powerful pressure spikes. Their new hydraulic cylinder application is now in production. 


Redesigned Cylinder Tangs for Spherical Bearings

A company with a cylinder that has spherical bearings noticed that they would begin to fall out over time. The Columbus Hydraulics engineering team redesigned the cylinders tangs to use a retaining ring which hold the spherical bearings inside. 


Creating Custom Low-Drag Seals

 Our engineering knowledge earned the business of a customer who had experienced very high failure rates along with binding and high drag. Our engineers redesigned the cylinder to use a low-drag seal, fully solving their problem. 


These are just a few examples of reliable design engineeringOur engineers have seen all the problems that cylinders can have. They are in the best position to create superior solutions for virtually any hydraulic cylinder problem. 


Cylinders Trusted with Human Life 

When it comes to cylinder reliability, there is no more important application than one that involves lifting people. From scissor and boom lifts to telehandlers and other man-lifting equipment, cylinders must do their job without failing.  

We are trusted to manufacture man-lift cylinders for a variety of applications that must meet rigorous safety requirements. If we can engineer and product cylinders that perform well in these critical applications, you can have confidence that we can design and product cylinders for your application as well.  

We know what we’re doing. We know how to build a cylinder that performs.