Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Ability to recognize voltage, wire, wire feed and wire speed requirements, jig usage
  • Ability to read drawings (CAD prints), weld symbols, operator manuals, job orders, and follow procedural instructions
  • Ability to inspect, identify, debur and stack production materials
  • Ability to read tape measure, calipers, micrometers, magnetic protractor, square, gas gage pressures and mixtures
  • Practice in observing safety procedures
  • Required to operate overhead cranes and forklifts (optional)
  • Management retains the right to assign or change responsibilities upon request

Minimum Education: Highly recommended High School Diploma/GED or equivalent, Certified to spec. # WPS-1 &2, welding process GMAW (wire welders).

Previous Experience Preferred: 3 years for wire welding

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